We have been seeing God at work through small group meetings. At one meeting, we talked about God’s mercy and how the sacrifice of Christ reconciles us with the Father. Someone gave a story and we discussed what it means to receive Christ. Suddenly a Jewish guest, Lyudmila, said, How about me? Can I reconcile with God?” I asked her, “Why is your reconciliation with God possible?” The answer was very sincere, “Through Christ.” “Do you believe that He bore your sins and died for your sins?” She answered “yes” and we prayed a sinner’s prayer. Please pray for Lyudmila that God will strengthen her faith, comfort her in her weaknesses and teach her to trust Him and give her cares to Him.

At another such meeting, we started the discussion talking about Adam, what happened in his life, and how it affects each one of us. Then we talked about Christ and about what God offers to each one of us through His sacrifice. At the end of the discussion I explained that I was leaving for a month and suggested that they take time to think over what these things mean for their own lives. But Anna said she didn’t want to wait, but wanted to receive Christ right away. Sophia also said she’d thought a lot about it and now was ready—and Yelena said that she’d had a vision that very morning: first there was dry ground that was all cracked, and then it became covered with green. All three of these Jewish women came to faith that night. Please pray that God will strengthen their faith and grant them hunger to seek Him through the Word.


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