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From August 3-27, Jews for Jesus in Germany will conduct our Behold Your God” campaign in Berlin. Every day, for nearly an entire month, a team of 25-30 men and women will take to the streets three times a day to hand out literature, talk with inquirers and gather the names and addresses of those who want to know more about Jesus.

Though we’ve conducted campaigns like this in many cities around the world over the past few years, the Berlin campaign promises to be unique. If you can imagine, half the team will be Jews for Jesus, the other half will be Germans for Jesus. As far as we know, this will be the first time in history that Jews and Germans will be proclaiming the gospel in a high profile manner TOGETHER.

When our people see us proclaiming the gospel together, many will understand that something exceptional is taking place. What a story this will be about the reality of God’s love, and the reconciling power of the cross.

Normally we would wait until next month to publish this, along with a reminder bookmark/prayer card. We will give you the prayer card next month, but we know that some of you will want to be praying as final preparations are being made. So, please pray as we make plans!

Pray for the team to come together. Jewish believers from Germany, Russia, Ukraine, the U.S., the U.K. and Israel have already asked to take part. Pray that we’ll have the right mix of people, both Jews and Germans.

Pray that God will open many hearts as we hand out the tracts, call people on the phone, go door-to-door and do everything else we can think of doing in order to fill Berlin with the sound of the Good News.

Pray that we’ll win the hearts of German Christians to the cause of Jewish evangelism.


Pray that all Germany will be impacted by the sight of Jews and Germans proclaiming the gospel together!


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