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With four Behold Your God campaigns coming up next month we thought we had better get a jump start on telling you about at least two of them: Seattle and Cleveland.

From the breathtaking mountain ranges and the evergreen-covered scenery to the salmon-rich waters and the appealing city streets, Seattle is one of the greatest places to visit, especially in August! People flock there from all over just to get a little taste of Pike’s Place Market, or a view of the city from the top of the Space Needle.

With over 37,000 Jews, Seattle also has the largest Jewish concentration in the Pacific Northwest. However, only one third are affiliated with a synagogue or Jewish organization, making this not-your-average New York Jewish” kind of community. In addition, much of the Jewish population is Sephardic (Jews from Spain and the Mediterranean).

From August 19 to September 1 (with training from August 14-17) we will be raising the messiahship of Jesus among the local Jewish community, and among the general population of Seattle.

The campaign falls during two major events in the Northwest: a music event called Bumbershoot, and another festival, Hempfest, which will attract millions of young people. We will be there to reach out through different creative means, including original music we will be performing to impact the creative backbone of Seattle.

The campaign leaders are Aaron Abramson and Amer Olson. If you wish to be involved do not hesitate to e-mail Aaron Abramson at [email protected] or Amer Olson at [email protected].

Dates for the Cleveland Behold Your God Campaign are August 14-September 1, 2003, with training August 10-12. This campaign will take place in Cleveland proper and surrounding Jewish communities.

Greg Savitt is the campaign leader and Greg Rosenberg is the co-leader. The “Gregs for Jesus” report that the city of Cleveland is rich with Jewish history, beginning in 1839 when 19 Bavarian Jewish immigrants settled in the Terminal Tower-Central Market area on Lake Erie. Soon after, Eastern European Jews fleeing the difficult life of the Russian and Polish shtetls (villages) began to immigrate and settle in Cleveland. Many found work in Cleveland’s garment industry, at that time second only to New York’s.

Today, Cleveland is home to over 80,000 Jewish people. The vast majority have moved out of Cleveland’s inner city to the neighboring communities of Cleveland Heights, South Euclid, University Heights and Shaker Heights, forming a suburban ring. Within this ring and surrounding areas Cleveland is home to more than 33 synagogues. Local universities like Case Western Reserve University and Cleveland State University educate a large Jewish student population. Cleveland’s sports teams, theater district and nightlife draw a large Jewish presence as well.

Please pray for venues to pass out our gospel literature since Cleveland is not like New York City, with thousands of pedestrians at every corner. We need wisdom to find the areas to reach people as they go to and from work. Cleveland has a subway system, but most people drive. Pray for creative ways to raise the gospel in the suburbs as well!

For more information or to be a part of BYG Cleveland, contact Greg Savitt at [email protected].


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