The Broadsider and the Broadsidee

We Jews for Jesus pass out thousands of our broadside gospel tracts as part of our ministry, all of them going out one by one. Sometimes people don’t realize what they are getting when we hand them a colorful 8 1/2 x 3 1/2 inch piece of paper. Other times they know exactly what it is. The message is usually simple, clear and humorous, but people react in various ways to it and to us. This is a constant source of humor to me while I am passing out tracts,

Since I wear a Jews for Jesus windbreaker, people usually know whom and what I represent. As they approach me in a long line of pedestrians, they have had several seconds to prepare a comment or action. Sometimes it is encouraging, and other times—well, if you have ever distributed tracts, some of these people will probably look familiar to you:

The Quarterback Roll-out person who circles around you to avoid taking a tract.

The Jimmy Hoffa person who hides behind someone else to avoid taking a tract.

The Perforated Personality who tears up the tract after reading only the title.

The Frustrated Football Player person who deliberately bumps me as he walks by.

The Curious George person, who takes the tract after husband, wife or companion refuses it.

The Barbara Walters personality who stops and reads it immediately.

The Picturebook Person who claims sarcastically, I don’t know how to read.”

The “Family Counselor” person who asks, “Does your mother know you’re doing this?”

The Take-Two-Aspirins-and-Call-Me-in-the-Morning person who declares, “You’re disgusting. You make me sick!”

The Don’t-Tell-My-Mother-That person who yells, “You’re not a Jew any more!”

The Who-Are-You—His-Manager? person who says to his companion, “Don’t take that!”

The Cause-of-Rejoicing-in-Heaven person who receives the gospel with joy right there on the street!

Despite all the negative comments, the Lord is faithful to send the sincerely interested and believers, as well, to encourage us. To those of you who have ever given an uplifting word to someone handing out tracts on the streets, thanks, and keep up the good work! May the Lord bless all the seeds we sow and make us all encouragers to our fellow believers.


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