She Wants to Know

I’ve never heard anything like this anywhere before,” exclaimed Irina. She was referring to the Bible study she had just attended. Irina, a young Russian woman, has lived in France for seven years. She was brought to the weekly Bible study in our home by a Russian friend. Both were Jewish, but neither of them believed in Jesus. Of the two, however, Irina was more open to discuss the Scriptures—so much so that we arranged to meet again the following week.

Irina had not yet told her husband of her interest in the New Covenant. She worked every day and had two children, so it was difficult for us to get together during the week. We arranged to meet on a Sunday afternoon in a park near both our homes. While her children played in the sandbox, Irina plied me with questions about my faith in Yeshua.

Although I had prayed for our meeting beforehand, I had not imagined how easy it would be to talk to Irina about the Lord . Her French was fluent, and every now and then she would repeat what I had just said in grammatically perfect French. It was as though she were trying to make sure she understood exactly how I had felt at the time in my life when I had first embarked upon my own spiritual quest.

I told Irina that before I had come to believe in Yshua, the words of Isaiah 9:6 that spoke of the Messiah as the Prince of Peace had made me start to wonder if Yeshua could be the one they described. I also told her that once I saw those three words I began to realize for the first time ever that I wanted peace in my own life.

Then I asked, “What about you, Irina? What are you thinking?”

She replied, “How much I would like to know if believing in Yeshua is the answer. I want to know what life is all about!”

I told Irina that no one except God could give her the answers she was seeking. I also said that if she prayed and asked Him to reveal Himself to her, He would. Then I handed her a copy of an evangelistic booklet in Russian, which I had brought along.

She looked surprised as she flipped through the pages. A friend of hers who had recently been to St. Petersburg on holiday had been handed a booklet like that, and he had given it to her upon his return. That had happened the day before another friend had invited her to come to our Bible study. “What a coincidence,” she said.

I smiled, thinking, “Yes, God’s coincidence!” The time had gone by so quickly, and I had to leave. We arranged to meet again the following week.

Irina had to come from Russia to France, where she heard the good news of the Messiah from me, an American-trained British Jew for Jesus living in Paris. God has His ways! Please pray for Irina as she seeks to know the truth, that she may find Yeshua, the common denominator between every people, tongue and nation.


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