Shimon is a Jewish man who travels to conduct business in America, Israel and the UK. When in England he lives in North London, which is where our Jews for Jesus missionaries first met him five years ago.

One Sunday afternoon at Speaker’s Corner he heard Stephen Pacht and Richard Harvey address the crowd. Speaker’s Corner is billed as the largest open air university and lunatic asylum in the world.” People come to proclaim their beliefs: political, religious and otherwise. Providing they do not incite racial hatred or treason, police have orders to protect the freedom of speech. Speaker’s Corner is one of the few places where a fair hearing is given to all.

Often people come to heckle (try to trip up a speaker with either insults or humor), but a good speaker usually can use the opposition to put his points across more effectively. It is a great place for an afternoon out, and many tourists visit this unique British institution for a little entertainment, humor and homespun philosophy.

Shimon was surprised to see our missionaries there as he had never heard that some Jews believe in Jesus. Despite his Orthodox upbringing he had no fixed views on God, and was willing to find out more. Shimon received regular visits from our missionaries for quite some time. Together with his wife, Shimon attended a banquet with guest speaker Helen Shapiro, a popular British singer (Jewish) who became a believer in Jesus. He even came to hear Billy Graham. His comments were always the same: he enjoyed the meetings, but did not believe in God, although he wished he could.

Finally, Shimon came to hear Jews for Jesus give a program of music and drama at a local church. The program ended with an invitation for any who would ask Yeshua to be their personal Lord and Savior. Shimon said yes! Please pray for him to grow in his faith, and to be a faithful disciple of the Messiah.


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