This month we have campaigns in West Palm Beach, Florida (December 5-22, led by Stan Meyer and Chad Elliott) and in Sydney, Australia (December 1-22, led by Mark Landrum and Bob Mendelsohn).

West Palm Beach

There are 225,000 Jewish people in the narrow stretch from Jupiter to Boca Raton. Most of them have never heard the gospel. Many live behind high walls in gated retirement villages, only accessible through the public mail or telephone. That is not to say that the entire Jewish population there is retired. West Palm is one of the fastest growing counties in Florida, with businesses bringing in many families and young professionals.

After Thanksgiving, this county swells with snowbirds” who come down for the winter from the Northeast states, including New York and New Jersey. In December, a second wave of visitors, including family members as well as high school and college students, arrive for winter break. This special window of opportunity makes it possible for us to encounter people we would otherwise never meet.

So 15 campaigners are ready to make the Messiahship of Yeshua an unavoidable issue to the Jewish people of Palm Beach County from December 5-22—at the height of the holiday shopping season.

Our outreach will involve door-to-door visits, distributing gospel tracts, evangelistic phone calling, visible presence in busy shopping malls and direct mail. We are joined by author and international speaker Stan Telchin, whose book Betrayed! has sold over one million copies and has been translated into several languages. Stan will speak at several venues including Florida Atlantic University. There, in a joint outreach with Messianic Congregation Ayts Chayim and Messianic gospel singer Jonathan Settel, Stan will share the gospel and answer questions from seekers and cynics.

Please pray for our outreach, for the local media to pick up on the event, for legal victories as we seek to exercise First Amendment rights in public arenas where there is excessive restriction, and for Jewish people to respond to the gospel everywhere we go.


Australia needs your prayers!

Historical revival that you read about in other countries has never occurred here. This is a country of “knockers” who love to dismiss anything religious. Alcohol and sport are national religious icons. In fact, with the exceptions of the Mormons and the Muslims, most Aussies don’t feel comfortable mentioning religion. We hope that our December Behold Your God campaign in Sydney will stir people’s hearts to consider the gospel.

With a usual Jewish population upwards of 50,000, opportunities for evangelism increase during December as summertime “down under” attracts many tourists. In addition to handing out our broadside tracts, we will be sending out mailings, having a public showing of Survivor Stories (testimonies of Holocaust survivors who came to faith in Jesus), and placing gospel ads in the newspapers. We are thankful for Christian friends who have agreed to put gospel signs on their front lawns. Also, we will be trying some new ways of reaching out, such as videotaping “man on the street” interviews/surveys, asking people who they think Jesus is. Also, we are borrowing an idea from Youth With A Mission, setting up card tables for “Free prayers offered here.” We hope that by offering to pray for people, we will have a chance to minister to those seeking God’s solutions for their lives. We are also praying that God will use this campaign to raise up volunteers who will continue helping with our Sydney work.


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