Spiritual Stocking Stuffers

We have noticed that some people have a tradition of buying small gifts to stuff” into big boot-shaped bags made of felt. As Jews, we appreciate the importance of tradition, yet this one has some of us a bit mystified. Nevertheless we thought it would be fun to explore the practice of “stocking stuffing” on a spiritual level. We heard that in days of yore, people would stuff stockings with sweet treats such as sugar plums or pieces of fruit. If “stocking stuffers” are items that don’t cost much but add up to a pleasant surprise on Christmas morning, then spiritual stocking stuffers might be small acts of kindness that display the Fruit of the Spirit. For example, our Founder, Moishe Rosen, once made up a few 3 by 5 “forgiveness cards” entitling the holder to forgiveness with no questions asked. The cards (which could be handed back to Moishe when needed) were a light-hearted way to remind some staff members that making a mistake is not the end of the world. You might use a variation of this idea for a stocking stuffer. Or how about writing out a prayer for a friend or family member—a blessing for someone you love—as a stocking stuffer?

Can you think of other spiritual stocking stuffers? Send in your ideas to us, and maybe next December we can publish a list of suggestions that will bless people’s socks off!


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