We are still receiving reports from the Behold Your God Los Angeles campaign.

Miriam Abramov reports, I am part of our Tel Aviv team, but I grew up in Beverly Hills, so I was excited to go there to hand out tracts. Then I heard that this has been the most difficult place to witness in Los Angeles. Suddenly, I wasn’t sure how happy I was. Praise God, He is so faithful. I gave one broadside tract to a young man named Ken, who turned and told me, ‘My father is Jewish and he believes. He goes to a messianic congregation in the Valley—but I haven’t received Yeshua in my life.’ I asked if he would be open to hearing more about Jesus from someone in our branch who is near his age. He agreed to a meeting. Please pray for Ken that he will receive Jesus as Messiah into his life soon. Then another man started to speak Hebrew to me, possibly assuming from my blond hair, that I would not be able to understand. He seemed quite surprised when I answered him in Hebrew and he gave me his contact information for followup. Later, I met an Israeli woman. I also conversed with her in Hebrew and she gave me her name and address also. So in this difficult place three Jewish people were willing to hear from us again.”


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