Sometimes The Boldest Thing I Can Do Is Fight My Boredom…

All the time people write in to Jews for Jesus saying that they wish they were brave enough, bold enough or bright enough to share Christ with their friends. Surprise! We’ve got good news for you. You don’t have to be brave, bold or bright. (Even certain members of our staff fall short, believe it or not.) Some of the time, if you are willing to follow the routine, you can be available to God. Let me give you an example.

We have a policy in Jews for Jesus not to accept donations from unbelievers . One day we received $50.00 with a letter saying : I am a Jew, age 64. 1 have always been seeking something more in my religion. I have not found it yet… I desperately need peace of mind…”

Though the donation was generous, we had established and agreed on a policy, so I wrote back and explained that we couldn’t accept his gift. It’s difficult to be tactful when you’re returning someone’s money, but I explained that his gift was small in comparison to what God has to offer: eternal life and the gift of salvation. I sent some material and didn’t hear any more from him until four months later when I received a letter saying:

“Last night 1 heard the Liberated Wailing Wall give the message of Jesus Christ at the Cottage Hill Baptist Church . I again enclose my check. Please don’t send it back. You are my people.”

I phoned the leader of the Liberated Wailing Wall and found out this Jewish man had made an open profession of faith .

So, dear reader, you tell me. Which of the Jews for Jesus was a bold, brave, bright missionary − me for doing what was right and writing to him; the Liberated Wailing Wall for doing what was right and showing up for the presentation for which they were scheduled; or maybe this Jewish man’s friends who brought him to the meeting? None of us, of course. All we did were those things which were the right things to do.

I could tell you a dozen or more such stories. I hate to disillusion anyone, but much (not all, but much) of our work is the handling of the routine. But it’s God who takes that routine and works it out as He wants!

In this month’s newsletter, you’ll read missionary reports from our various branches. David Brickner, one of our scholarship students at Wheaton College , recently wrote to share how God is teaching him , “Our part is to remain faithful witnesses to Him.”

Frankly, routine bores so many people (myself included) that sometimes we avoid doing right, seek the adventurous and miss the blessings. Some Christians spend so much time looking for the new, the tingly, the adventurous, that they forget there is nothing new under the sun.

For us at Jews for Jesus and for you who are part of our ministry, I pray we seek not to be braver, more clever, or more adventurous, but that we hearken to the admonition in Deuteronomy 10:12:

“….What doth the Lord thy God require of thee, but to fear the Lord thy God, to walk in all his ways, and to love him, and to serve the Lord thy God with all thy heart and with all thy soul…”


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