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Branch Leader

Jeremiah Zaretsky is a husband of one, a father of four and many other lesser things. He is the leader of the Chicago branch of Jews for Jesus. Jeremiah grew up in a messianic home and was born and raised in Canada. It was there that he attended Bible College and received a Bachelor of Religious Education from Ambrose University. Jeremiah and his wife Hannah are gifted worship leaders and write their own style of Messianic Folk music. Jeremiah is passionate about seeing Jewish people take their next steps to Yeshua (Jesus), as well as equipping the Church to have a heart for Israel. See more here.

My wife Hannah is also a second-generation Messianic Jew. We both have a love for music and were able to release our first cd entitled just the two of us and it features four of our original songs. We have four young children- Aviva, Judah, Ari and Tovah. You can find all our music here.

Pastor’s Recommendations

It is a pleasure for me to tell of our experience with the Jews for Jesus ministry, particularly Missionary Jeremiah Zaretsky. Jeremiah was invited to our church in late March. We wanted to get as much information to our congregation as possible because we wanted a good turnout and frankly, weren’t sure how well a Wednesday night presentation would be received.

Jews for Jesus sent all the publicity information we needed to get the word out in our newsletter, bulletin, radio, newspapers and posters. Over 150 people attended the Christ in the Passover presentation. Every seat we had set up in our Family Life Center was filled. Jeremiah was a delightful presenter. He presided over the model Seder where everyone was able to taste each food item of the Seder meal. Jeremiah’s explanations gave us wonderful insight into the Jewish faith and particularly the Jews for Jesus movement. We left with a better understanding of the Jewish Passover and how it foreshadows Jesus.

It was a moving experience and a special Easter blessing at the beginning of the Lenten Season. We hope to have Jeremiah back soon.

Pastor Daryle Bush

Rehoboth UMC in Leesville, SC, was blessed by Jeremiah Zaretsky’s presentation of Christ in the Passover. He spoke clearly and talked us through each moment of the Seder, highlighting both original Jewish significance and the relevance for Christian believers. He sang for us the Jewish prayers and then translated to English, that we might connect more deeply to the beautiful liturgy of this most special meal. We are grateful for his time with us and highly recommend this presentation to other believers. Rev. Dr. Linda Dunn.

God’s peace,

Our church was honored and blessed to have Jeremiah Zaretsky, a representative of Jews For Jesus, to share with our congregation recently. He spoke with clarity and passion and his love for Jesus was obvious. Without reservation, I would recommend him to your church. A great blessing awaits you!

In Jesus’ name,
Rev. Don Milstead, Senior Pastor
Trinity Wesleyan Church
Central, SC

Message Titles

  • Prince of peace — Isaiah 9:6
  • The Gospel of Reconciliation – 2 Corinthians 5
  • The Fall Feasts of Israel
  • Jesus in the Old Testament
  • Hanukkah message
  • Christ in the Feast of Pentecost
  • Christ in the Feast of Tabernacles
  • Hearing and Obeying God’s Voice — 1 Samuel 3
  • Paul’s Vision for Jewish Evangelism — Rom 9-11
  • The Church’s Responsibility towards Israel – Romans 11
  • The Song of Moses and the Song of the Lamb
  • Why Is It So Hard Sharing Jesus With Jewish People?
  • The Tabernacle: A shadow of Jesus
  • The Transformation of Worship- Romans 12
  • How Do we Deal With Sin? – Leviticus 4
  • The Nations and the New Covenant- Acts 15
  • The 3 P’s of Jewish Evangelism

Special Presentations

  • Christ in the Passover: a full visual demonstration of the Jewish Passover and the connections to the Last Supper (includes power point).
  • Music/Testimony Presentation- Jeremiah and his wife Hannah have a vibrant, worshipful presentation including new Jewish Gospel music and original music written by the couple.
  • Jewish Evangelism Seminar: A practical and informative teaching equipping the church to witness to Jewish people. Includes exerts from our missionary training program as well as handouts and power point.

Sermon Samples

  1. The Church’s Responsibility Towards the Jewish People
  2. Hanukkah Message
  3. Christ in the Passover
  4. Why Witness to Jewish People
  5. Jesus in the Older Testament

Click on the playlist below to view the sermons. (You can also click here.)


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