Here is a selection of some of our most important articles on the subject of the local church. Feel free to pass these articles on to your own church members or to fellow clergy using these permission guidelines.

Read what we say to Christians regarding the ministry of the local church:
Support Your Local Church First
The Proper Care and Feeding of a Pastor
Church Giving vs. Missionary Giving
So What’s a Pastor Good For Anyway?

Our ministry of speaking in local churches:
Deputation-Why We Speak in Churches

Our advice for pastors on relating to the local rabbi and to the Jewish community:

The War on Jewish Evangelism
Should Your Church Invite the Rabbi?
The Risk of Rejection
Counting the Cost-Maintaining Good Will-Accomplishing God’s Will
Opposition and Response
New Beginnings

Our message to Jewish believers in Jesus about taking part in a local congregation:

Don’t Give Up on Your Local Church!
Choosing Between a Local Church or a Messianic Congregation

A paper delivered (November 1997) to the Evangelical Missiological Society by David Brickner, Executive Director:

Jewish Resistance to the Gospel-HTML version
Jewish Resistance to the Gospel-PDF version