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ISSUES is a publication giving a messianic Jewish perspective on a wide variety of subjects—from traditional Jewish occasions to the latest contemporary films. Plus delightful stories of “The Little Shtetl of Vaysechvoos,” and more.

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How to have gospel conversations with your Jewish friends

A guide to help you understand the challenges, avoid assumptions, and have good conversations.
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Judaism and the Jewish People: An Overview

by Rich Robinson

A religion profile from International Students, Inc.
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Questions and Answers (Free PDF Download)

This booklet is for people who have doubts and questions about Jews for Jesus. If you’re a person with sincere questions, we’d like to offer you a few answers.
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Answering Jewish Objections to Jesus, Volumes 1-5

by Michael Brown

Recommended for the non-believer, and equally helpful for the Christian wanting to learn how to respond to Jewish objections.
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Growth Book for New Jewish Believers

Your Jewish friend has just come to faith in Jesus! Now what? Get this indispensable guide, developed especially for new Jewish believers. Includes an extensive list of recommended books, periodicals and music.
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