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“1st Glimpse of His Return” (Genesis 3)

by Jhan Moskowitz

Bible Studies from our Australia Branch

Also see our selection of sermons and Bible classes led by Bob Mendelsohn, national director of Jews for Jesus Australia, and some talks by other Jewish believers which you might find helpful.

Old Testament Studies

Genesis Bible Study

by Bob Mendelsohn
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Genesis 3:15 The purpose of temptation
Genesis 7 Noah found grace
Genesis 9 Off the Boat
Genesis 12 Pre-Abrahamic World History
Genesis 14 Falling Away (A study in Lot)
Genesis 16 Covenants
Genesis 28 Generations of Isaac
Genesis 30 Leah and Rachel
Genesis 32 Jacob and Laban
Genesis 37 The rape of Dinah
Genesis 39 Joseph: Guarded Passion or Sex not in the City.

Exodus Bible Study

by Bob Mendelsohn
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Exodus 1 Joseph’s legacy: Taskmasters and God notices.
Exodus 2 God listens and the deliverer delivered.
Exodus 3 God’s call and Moses’ excuses (part 1).
Exodus 4 What’s in a name? (part 2).
Exodus 5 When it goes from bad to worse.
Exodus 6 God will remember.
Exodus 7 Hard heartedness.
Exodus 8 Plagues: they keep on coming.
Exodus 9 Compromise, not a good idea.
Exodus 10 Negotiation and three more plagues.
Exodus 11-12 10th Plague, The Exodus!
Exodus 13 “That everyone may experience God’s Plans”.
Exodus 14 “Red Sea Dramas”.
Exodus 15 “The song of Moses”
Exodus 16 God provides: Bread and Water…and Sabbath
Exodus 17 Arms lifted and Massah testing
Exodus 18 A system of courts and family matters
Exodus 19 Meeting at Mt. Sinai
Exodus 20 Ten Commandments
Exodus 21 Protection of the innocent
Exodus 22 Stealing is a lose/lose proposition
Exodus 23 Working out daily justice.
Exodus 24 Mediator of a covenant.
Exodus 25 God dwells with us.
Exodus 26-27 Of dimensions, altars and lamps.
Exodus 28 The clothes make the priest.
Exodus 29 Ordained and Food.
Exodus 30 Of altars and taxes and lavers.
Exodus 31 Chosen Artists and Days.
Exodus 32 The Golden Calf.
Exodus 33 Absence does not make the heart grow fonder.
Exodus 34 The face of Moses shone.
Exodus 35-37 Building together in God’s plans.
Exodus 38-40
1) An altar to alter your life.
2) As the Lord commanded Moses: A study in obedience. and
3) Completion: A job well done.

Leviticus Bible Study

by Bob Mendelsohn
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Leviticus 1 Sacrifice 1; Holocaust: The whole burnt offering
Leviticus 2-7 Sacrifice 2; Sacrifices: Drawing near to God
Leviticus 8-10 “Priesting;” Priests: Mediators of God
Leviticus 11-12 Kosher? What is kosher?
Leviticus 13-15 Sickness, isolation and the Saviour. Y’shua, the Great Physician
Leviticus 16-17 Yom Kippur; What is required for forgiveness?
Leviticus 18-19 Sex in the Desert; Holy people do holy things.
Leviticus 20-22 The Holiness Code
Leviticus 23 Part 1 Springtime feasts; The sacred calendar
Leviticus 23 Part 2 Autumn Festivals; The sacred calendar
Leviticus 26 The Final Warnings and Assurance

Judges Bible Study

by Bob Mendelsohn
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Judges 1 God’s plans are always right.
Judges 2 Thorns in your sides.
Judges 3 Three judges and a fat man.
Judges 4 Into the hands of a woman.
Judges 5 The song of Deborah.
Judges 6 Gideon, Mighty Warrior?
Judges 7 Gideon: Conqueror for now (Gideon Part 2)
Judges 8 Finishing well? Gideon, the compromiser (Gideon Part 3)
Judges 9 A sinful son and choosing the right team.
Judges 10 When God gets fed up with us!
Judges 11 The judge Jephthah and his daughter.

The Life of David

by Bob Mendelsohn
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Kings 1-2 Bible Study

by Jhan Moskowitz
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Chronicles Bible Study

by Jhan Moskowitz
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Ezra Bible Study

by Jhan Moskowitz
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Esther/Psalms Bible Studies

by Mark Landrum
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Proverbs Bible Study

by Bob Mendelsohn
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Proverbs 1 Beginning of Wisdom
Proverbs 2 Guarded by wisdom
Proverbs 3 Security in a fallen world
Proverbs 4 Progressive Righteousness: We’re getting better
Proverbs 5 Sex at home: Drink from your own cistern
Proverbs 6 (Part 1) Six things God hates
Proverbs 6b-chapter 7 Consequences of Adultery
Proverbs 9 The cost of deception
Proverbs 10 Gambling and other evils
Proverbs 11 Good government and a good life
Proverbs 12 The righteous will survive and succeed
Proverbs 13 Making money the old fashioned way
Proverbs 14 Way leads on to way: Choices we make
Proverbs 15 What’s inside your house: Vote God in!
Proverbs 16 Decisions: How to choose [with slight audio problems)
Proverbs 17 Keeping your mouth closed
Proverbs 18 Death and Life are in the Power of the Tongue
Proverbs 19 Contrasts and getting to the living side of Life: Discipline in daily living
Proverbs 20 Consequences of Our Living
Proverbs 21 Walking in the Way
Proverbs 22 How we live out what we personally believe
Proverbs 23 The Eleven Commandments
Proverbs 24 How to be rich
Proverbs 25 An Old Man’s Wisdom
Proverbs 26 Seven Men to Avoid
Proverbs 27 What’s in your future?
Proverbs 28 You can run, but you can’t hide
Proverbs 29 A summary of the Book of Proverbs (A Deuteronomic perspective on Proverbs)
Proverbs 30 Who is the Son of God?
Proverbs 31 Look what I found! A mother’s advice

Ecclesiastes Bible Study

by Bob Mendelsohn
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Ecclesiastes Chapter 1 The Monotony Of Life
Ecclesiastes Chapter 2 Search For The Meaning Of Life
Ecclesiastes Chapter 3 Time Is Indiscriminate
Ecclesiastes Chapter 4-5 The Imbalance Of Life
Ecclesiastes Chapter 6 Life Is Uncertain
Ecclesiastes Chapter 7 Can Anyone Help?
Ecclesiastes Chapter 8-9 Life Is Unfulfilling And Futile
Ecclesiastes Chapter 10-12Life Is Only Found In God

Book of Isaiah

by Bob Mendelsohn
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Isaiah 1 The rabble and the repentant.
Isaiah 2 Come, let us go up!
Isaiah 3-4 Salvation in the midst of hopelessness.
Isaiah 5 Looking for grapes.
Isaiah 6 The prophet’s vision and humility.
Isaiah 7 A virgin will have a baby!
Isaiah 8 The sign to come.
Isaiah 9 A child is born.
Isaiah 10 Assyrian invasion.
Isaiah 11 The spirits of the Lord.
Isaiah 12 With joy we draw water.
Isaiah 13 The Day of the Lord for Babylon.
Isaiah 14 God has compassion on Jacob.
Isaiah 15-16 The Kingdom of Moab in Trouble.
Isaiah 17-19a Will Egypt learn her lesson?
Isaiah Part 19b-20 Hope for Egypt.
Isaiah 21-22 More oracles: Babylon, Edom, Saudi Arabia.
Isaiah 23 God against Lebanon.
Isaiah 24-25 God: Judge of enemies, Preserver of Israel.
Isaiah 26-27 The mind at perfect peace.
Isaiah 28-29 The futility of self-reliance.
Isaiah 30-31 HELP, I need somebody, not just anybody: In returning and rest shall you be saved.
Isaiah 32-33 Glorious Future for Israel.
Isaiah 34-35 Zion’s enemies destroyed and the exaltation of Zion.
Isaiah 36-37 Hezekiah Part 1: Trust in the Lord!
Isaiah 38-39 Hezekiah Part 2: Illness and repentance.
Isaiah 40 Comfort from the Lord.
Isaiah 41 God’s love for the coastlands.
Isaiah 42 The servants of the Lord.
Isaiah 43 Do not fear, for I am with you.
Isaiah 44 What’s in your mind?
Isaiah 45 Turn to me…there is no other!
Isaiah 46-47 Cyrus: God’s man 150 years from now.
Isaiah 48 Let’s get out of Babylon.
Isaiah 49 The mission of God’s Servant.
Isaiah 50 The Tongue of Disciples.
Isaiah 51 Looking backwards to go forward correctly.
Isaiah 52 God’s Servant calls us to listen.
Isaiah 53 The Servant of the Lord: Who is he?
Isaiah 54 Israel Restored.
Isaiah 55 What really matters.
Isaiah 56 Can a Gentile be saved?
Isaiah 57 There is no peace for the wicked.
Isaiah 58 God’s Chosen Fast.
Isaiah 59 Our sins separate us from God.
Isaiah 60 His glory will appear upon you.
Isaiah 61 Who is receiving the Spirit?
Isaiah 62 For Zion’s sake.
Isaiah 63 Who is this Savior?
Isaiah 64 Filthy righteousness?
Isaiah 65 What is (not) Good?
Isaiah 66 New things.

Isaiah Bible Study

by Jhan Moskowitz
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Jeremiah Bible Study

by Jhan Moskowitz
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Hosea Bible Study

by Bob Mendelsohn
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Hosea 1 Israel is compared to a prostitute
Hosea 2 Who are God’s people?
Hosea 3-4 Gomer [Israel] loved, can return yet Israel indicted.
Hosea 5-6 Indictment of Israel [kings, priests and people] for our sins.
Hosea 7 Bad government: both domestic and international policies
Hosea 8 Warning of judgment to come
Hosea 9 Captivity is around the corner
Hosea 10 Sin, punishment and captivity
Hosea 11 Valentines Day and the grace of God
Hosea 12-13 O Death, where is your sting?
Hosea 14 Return to the Lord

Joel Bible Study

by Bob Mendelsohn
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Joel 1-2a Judgment coming
Joel 2b-3 Restoration of the people of God

Amos Bible Study

by Bob Mendelsohn
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Chapter 1:1-2:5 I’ve had it up to here
Chapter 2:6-5 Seek God and you will live
Chapters 5-6 The Day of the Lord: Watch out!
Chapters 7-9 Audio-visual judgments and visions
Chapter 9b God’s final restoration of Israel

Obadiah Bible Study

by Bob Mendelsohn
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The Book of Obadiah “Legal charges against Edom and Islam” (Recovery, Restoration, and Royal Reign)

Jonah Bible Study

by Bob Mendelsohn
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Chapter 1 Disobedient Prophet
Chapter 2-3 Desperate Prayer and Dutiful Preacher
Chapter 4 Despondent Prejudiced Person

Micah Bible Study

by Bob Mendelsohn
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Micah Part 1 Judgment on Israel and Judah; A Remnant Restored
Micah Part 2 Indictment of the leadership: Future Hope
Micah Part 3 Indictment of the people: God Triumphs

Nahum Bible Study

by Bob Mendelsohn
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The Book of Nahum Nineveh going down

Habakkuk Bible Study

by Bob Mendelsohn
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The Book of Habakkuk The earth shall be filled with the glory of the Lord.

Zephaniah Bible Study

by Bob Mendelsohn
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The Book of Zephaniah Seek the Lord; He will sing over you.

Haggai Bible Study

by Bob Mendelsohn
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The Book of Haggai Your house or God’s house? God is going to shake us down

Zachariah Bible Study

by Paul Cohen
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Malachi Bible Study

by Bob Mendelsohn
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Malachi Part 1 Election of Israel; Sacrilege of the Priests
Malachi Part 2 Failures of the priests in service and message
Malachi Part 3 The people resist God
Malachi Part 4 The Promise of Restoration and The Promised One

New Testament Studies

Matthew Bible Study

by Bob Mendelsohn
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Matthew 1 The genealogy of the Messiah.
Matthew 2 The birth (and infancy) of the King.
Matthew 3 The messiah and baptism.
Matthew 4 Temptations of the king.
Matthew 5 The New Lawgiver (Part 1).
Matthew 6 Be perfect, but be careful.
Matthew 7 Two ways to judge and two ways to do everything!
Matthew 8 Power Encounters: Part I
Matthew 9 Power Encounters: Part II.
Matthew 10 The King’s first missionaries.
Matthew 11 Consider the King (Part 1).
Matthew 12 Consider the King (Part 2).
Matthew 13 Stories of the Kingdom.
Matthew 14 Reactions to the King.
Matthew 15 Traditions and Feeding 4,000.
Matthew 16 Who is the Son of Man?
Matthew 17 Kingdom transfiguration.
Matthew 18 Forgiveness and Greatness.
Matthew 19 Family Matters.
Matthew 20 The God of grace.
Matthew 21 Replacement and the fig tree.
Matthew 22 The other four questions.
Matthew 23 The 8-fold Woes: A reflection of the Beatitudes.
Matthew 24 It’s going to get worse.
Matthew 25 People, get ready.
Matthew 26 Yeshua’s final week.
Matthew 27 Crucified King.
Matthew 28 Resurrected King.

Mark Bible Study

by Bob Mendelsohn
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Mark 1 Who is JT Baptist?
Mark 1b Everyone is looking for You
Mark 1c Healing a leper
Mark 2b Lord of the Sabbath
Mark 3a Healing a crippled man
Mark 3b Who are my brothers and mother?
Mark 4a Preaching in parables
Mark 4b Calming the sea
Mark 5a Dealing with demons
Mark 5b Healings
Mark 6a Sending the 12
Mark 6b Walking on Water
Mark 7 Gentiles for Jesus
Mark 8 Feeding hungry people
Mark 9a Tabernacles for Three
Mark 9b Shepherd and his sheep: Who is not against us is for us
Mark 10a Marriage and Divorce
Mark 10b What do you want Me to do for you?
Mark 11a Triumphal Entry
Mark 11b-12 David’s Greater Son
Mark 13 Be on the alert: Last Days
Mark 14 Passover and Peter’s denials
Mark 15b Crucifixion and Burial
Mark 16 Resurrection to new life.

John Bible Study

by Bob Mendelsohn
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John 1a Prologue: What’s it all about?
John 1b-2 John the Baptist vs Jesus, and Chapter 2: Jesus brings life to a wedding
John 3 Jesus brings life to a rabbi
John 4 Jesus brings life to a Bad Samaritan and she is the first missionary
John 5 Jesus brings life to a paralytic and a boy, and claims to be G-d
John 6 Jesus and the Bread of Life
John 7 Tabernacles and the Water of Life
John 8 Forgiveness and the Truth set us free to enjoy life
John 9 The light of life on Tabernacles
John 10 The Good Shepherd came to give you abundant life
John 11 The resurrection and the life
John 12 He who hates his life will keep it to eternal life
John 13 Passover and Choices
John 14 Jesus said, “I am the Life.” I am …the Life
John 15 Abide in life in the Spirit
John 16 The Spirit of Life is coming
John 17 Eternal life is knowing Y’shua
John 18 Everyone of the truth hears my voice
John 19 It is finished: The death of the Life
John 20 Raised to new life
John 21 Restoration to new life

Acts Bible Study

by Bob Mendelsohn
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Acts 2 Beginning of the Community of Faith
Acts 3 God through the apostles: Healing of a Lame Man
Acts 4 The Council and Peter/ Stop preaching in that name!
Acts 5 Discipline in the new Messianic Jewish community
Acts 6 Problems and solutions and introduction of Stephen
Acts 7 The sermon and stoning of Stephen
Acts 8 Saul ravaging the mobilized community– Samaria receives the Word of God
Acts 9 Saul to Paul: A Jew for Jesus story
Acts 10 There goes the neighbourhood: Gentiles for Jesus
Acts 11 Defending himself: Peter on trial…again
Acts 12 Prayer that works
Acts 13 Paul: First journey and first sermon
Acts 14 Paul: Stoning and death in Lystra
Acts 15 Should Gentiles keep the Law of Moses? The Council in Jerusalem
Acts 16 A veritable “Who’s Who” in the church of Philippi: The Gospel goes to Europe
Acts 17 Holy arguments: Talking the language of the other (Berea, Thessalonica, Athens)
Acts 18 Conversions of synagogue leaders and Apollos joins in
Acts 19 Finding ‘almost’ converts and confusion settled
Acts 20 Sleepy disciple healed and elders’ tears in Ephesus
Acts 21 Should Jewish believers keep the Law? Paul and the vow
Acts 22 Paul makes his case in Jerusalem
Acts 23 Divided Sanhedrin and the plot to kill Paul
Acts 24 Paul in front of Felix
Acts 25 Agrippa and Bernice arrive
Acts 26 Paul shares his testimony…again. Agrippa, almost persuaded
Acts 27 Ahoy matey, a mariner’s journal
Acts 28 Paul: From Malta to Rome, and beyond?

Epistle of 1 Corinthians

by Bob Mendelsohn
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1 Corinthians 1 Get it right: Who are the Corinthians
1 Corinthians 2 Not philosophy: Wisdom from above
1 Corinthians 4 Apostleship: Not many are fathers
1 Corinthians 5 What to do with sinners: Sex in the church
1 Corinthians 6 Wrong judgments: Bought with a price
1 Corinthians 7 Marriages that work: Marriage and virgins
1 Corinthians 8 Idolatry: Dealing with questionable things
1 Corinthians 9 Don’t muzzle the ox: Reaping from your own sowing
1 Corinthians 10 Flee Idolatry: Biblical Examples
1 Corinthians 11 Hair and Communion: Traditions Received
1 Corinthians 12 Gifts that Serve Others: Spiritual Gifts [Part I]
1 Corinthians 13 Putting gifts in perspective: It’s all about love
1 Corinthians 14 Using spiritual gifts: Serving one another
1 Corinthians 15 Resurrection of the Dead: Mechaye meitim
1 Corinthians 16 Final thoughts and farewells.

Corinthians Bible Study

by Jhan Moskowitz
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Book of Ephesians

by Bob Mendelsohn
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Ephesians 1 Lavished grace (accepted in the Beloved)
Ephesians 2 Saved by grace
Ephesians 3 Paul’s prayer
Ephesians 4 Gifted by grace
Ephesians 4b-5 Walk in the light of grace
Ephesians 6 A grace-filled army

Book of Hebrews

by Bob Mendelsohn
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Hebrews 1 Y’shua, God’s Final Word to humanity
Hebrews 2 Y’shua, Better than angels
Hebrews 4 Encourage one another, while it’s still today
Hebrews 5 The King/ Priest (incl Psalm 2, Psalm 110)
Hebrews 6a Foundational Truths
Hebrews 6b Can a saint lose his salvation?
Hebrews 7 Who is Melchizedek?
Hebrews 8 Old Covenant/ Tabernacle Part 1
Hebrews 9 The Covenants/ Tabernacle Part 2
Hebrews 10 Covenants: Old and New
Hebrews 11a The Hall of Faith (Part 1)
Hebrews 11b The Hall of Faith (Part 2)
Hebrews 12 Discipline
Hebrews 13 Farewells and good reminders

Book of the Revelation

by Bob Mendelsohn
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Revelation 1 Write it down
Revelation 2 What is God saying to you?
Revelation 3 What’s in a name?
Revelation 4 There’s no place like home
Revelation 5 Kingdom and Priests
Revelation 6 Tyranny and Judgment
Revelation 7 Who are the 144,000
Revelation 8 Praise or complaints
Revelation 9 Out of the pit
Revelation 10-11 Two witnesses and US
Revelation 12 Jewish overcomers
Revelation 13 666: The Devil’s number
Revelation 14 Angels and 144,000
Revelation 15-16 The song of Moses and the song of the Lamb (Chapter 15) / Armageddon and hailstones – (Chapter 16).
Revelation 17 Mother of harlots
Revelation 18 The end of Babylon
Revelation 19 The victorious warrior
Revelation 20 Millennium and judgments
Revelation 21 New Jerusalem descending
Revelation 22 The wait is over…the end has come

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