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We’re exploring together the ways our Jewish heritage intersects with modern life in a safe space for diverse voices—curated by Messianic Jews.


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I made aliyah 17 years ago. And I love living in Israel. But I’ve also seen the downsides of that aliyah process.

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Shabbat anchors us as Jewish people to home, to God, and to each other. But how can we keep it in a world that demands constant productivity?

As someone who has done premarital counseling with couples (and as a married person), I know how easy it is for marriages to fail when they’re based on the wrong things.

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The Flavors of Jewish Life speakers

The Flavors of Jewish Life

We talked with two culinary professionals who have contributed to the landscape of Jewish food with their unique and fresh approaches to traditional dishes!

Jewish Health & Wellness

We discussed the intersection of spiritual and physical well-being with three Jewish health professionals and explored how to cultivate our own healthy lifestyles.

inherit David, New Jersey “Being Jewish is just who I am. It’s my identity, it’s my culture, and it’s an immediate bond with other Jewish people.”


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