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We’re exploring together the ways our Jewish heritage intersects with modern life in a safe space for diverse voices—curated by Messianic Jews.


A Zikaron BaSalon gathering.

Zikaron BaSalon is a powerful way to pass remembrance of the Holocaust on to the next generation of Jewish people.

Every day, we’re faced with a deluge of decisions, both big and small, about what we want to choose. And it’s not always helpful.

Anxiety is the most common mental illness in the U.S. and may be more common among Jewish people. But strength in community supports health.


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The Flavors of Jewish Life speakers

The Flavors of Jewish Life

We talked with two culinary professionals who have contributed to the landscape of Jewish food with their unique and fresh approaches to traditional dishes!

Jewish Health & Wellness

We discussed the intersection of spiritual and physical well-being with three Jewish health professionals and explored how to cultivate our own healthy lifestyles.

Passing on Jewish Tradition

Together we explored the practical, cultural, and spiritual significance of sharing our Jewish tradition with a rabbi and a rebbetzin.

inherit David, New Jersey “Being Jewish is just who I am. It’s my identity, it’s my culture, and it’s an immediate bond with other Jewish people.”


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