Havurah Volume 11 Number 02

Messianic Prophecy:Are we using it for all it’s worth?

That’s Jesus,” he admitted, flashing me a ‘you-got-me-there’ kind of grin. I had been studying Isaiah 53 with Uri, an Israeli now living in Manhattan’s trendy Upper West Side. He had just uttered the very words I had hoped to hear! Carefully, he reread the passage in Hebrew and confirmed, “There cannot be any doubt—Isaiah […]

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Isaiah, Pepper and the Beatles:Jhan Moskowitz on messianic prophecy

IMAGINE that I own a book publishing company, Pepper Publications. I contract with a cookbook author and tell her that she can include any recipes she wants. The only requirement is that she needs to include pepper in every recipe. There is a filter that requires pepper to be one of the ingredients throughout the […]

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Four Questions for Dr. Michael Brown

Dr. Michael Brown is a Jewish believer in Jesus and a well-known apologist and author. For more, visit his web sites at www.icnministries.org and www.ilifetv.com/thinkitthru. We interviewed him to draw on his expertise in the area of messianic prophecy. Havurah: In light of how the New Testament writers used messianic prophecy, how do you think […]

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