Telling Family That You Are a Believer

My Christian friend tells me it is not enough to tell only my parents about my faith in Jesus. He thinks I should also tell my grandparents and other relatives. But I already promised my parents that I would keep my faith a secret from the rest of the family. I’m stuck!

Your Christian friend is telling you right! What are you ashamed of? Did Yeshua save you? Is he the only Savior? How could you hold back from your grandparents the only possibility of being saved because you don’t want anyone to be angry with you? Are you sure that you really know the Lord, and that Yeshua is the only way of salvation? If so, you don’t want to treat the gospel like it is merely your opinion, or your relatives as though their spiritual well-being isn’t worth the hassle. It’s a hard thing, but you need to confess to your parents that you made a promise which you had no right to make. In a sense you have to sing Kol Nidre to them, that is, renounce the ungodly vows that you’ve taken.

Sorry to be so rough on you. But I would thank God for that friend who was willing to tell you the truth. As followers of Yeshua we have been commanded to tell the world…how can we possibly exclude our loved ones? If you are not able to tell them in person, write a letter or use the phone. But do it sooner rather than later because it won’t get any easier as time passes. Get people praying with you and for you and remember that God is right there to help you through the tough times.


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