NET (Network Evangelism Team) Volunteer

Help proclaim Jesus the Messiah to our Jewish people online!

If you are interested in sharing your faith in Jesus with others, Jews for Jesus has a program that enables you to chat with seekers through the Jews for Jesus Live Chat platform.  We have full training and mentorship to help you succeed.

What is the Network Evangelism Team (NET)?

The Network Evangelism Team (NET) is a group of trained volunteers who share the Gospel with online “seekers” through the Jews for Jesus Live Chat platform.

Who can become a NET volunteer?

The NET is designed for any evangelical believer who:

  • Has a heart to share the Gospel with the Jewish people
  • Is in agreement with the Jews for Jesus Statement of Faith
  • Is already Computer, Internet, and/or Social Media literate
  • Completes the application, selection, and training process

What does a NET volunteer do?

  • Communicate with seekers on our LiveChat system on our website at your own pace and in your spare time.
  • Each NET Volunteer has a unique ministry that can be tailored to the volunteer based on his or her abilities, interests, and availability.

What does training consist of?

Training is accomplished through online videos and quizzes.  Because of this, a NET volunteer can go through training in the comfort of his or her own home at his or her own pace.

The following topics are covered:

  • Basic Apologetics
  • Basic Jewish Evangelism
  • Skill training on using the LiveChat platform
  • Best Practices of online outreach
  • Social Media Outreach Training* (Optional)
  • Continued mentor-ship by Jews for Jesus missionaries and staff

Our specific training materials are regularly being updated to reflect the ever-changing nature of Social Media Trends.

Since the NET team is geared for those who are already familiar with Facebook, Twitter, or other Social Media platforms, our training does not cover basic computer or internet use.

Is there a time commitment required?

There is no specific time commitment.  You can spend 1 or 2 hours at a time for maximum efficiency, but dates and times are flexible!  Chat when it is convenient for you.  There are always people waiting to chat with us, so there is never a dull moment.

How can I become a NET volunteer?

The training program takes less than 4 hours for most people to complete.

NET Praise Reports

A Great Live Chat with a Jewish Seeker

Bob Mendelsohn “met” Jerry* online a couple of weeks ago. Bob was in Sydney, Australia (he leads our work there) and Jerry was on the East Coast of the US. Both were on their computers; Jerry was visiting our website and Bob was logged into our Live Chat program. As with many websites, when visitors linger on a particular page, we can greet them and ask if they have a question. The message pops up, along with the friendly face of whichever missionary or volunteer is logged into the program. Anyway, here’s Bob’s story: Continue Reading

LiveChat L’Chaim!

Ever since we added the “chat with us live” feature to our website, we’ve been chatting away with people of all faiths and backgrounds. From college students doing research for their comparative religion papers to anti-missionaries who want to heckle our staff, the questions and conversations our missionaries get are no less intense then those they would hear out in the streets sharing about Jesus.

The ultimate purpose of our LiveChat platform is for Jewish people to have their questions about Jesus answered by a real person in an open and authentic manner. And that’s exactly what happened with a Jewish man named Gary*. Continue Reading

How do you become a NET volunteer?

To find out more, please contact us here.