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Leonid Dolganowski

Branch Leader

Shalom! My name is Leonid Dolganowski. I was born in 1955 into an ordinary Jewish family. My life was common to most Soviet Jews. I lived a normal" life with friends, parties, etc. Everything was all right except that my wife (who is also Jewish) kept looking for something else. Finally, she found what she’d been looking for ? Jesus, the Messiah of Israel. And with her help, I also found Him, praise the Lord. So, in 1996, we became Jewish believers in Jesus. Our Jewishness was revealed to us in a way different from what we’d known all our lives. We now had fellowship with the living God of Israel. We have two wonderful children. In 1999, we met Jews for Jesus for the first time. Soon after that, I was invited to join the ministry in Ukraine. In 2001, we moved to Germany, where we continue our ministry to our God. We have been believers for many years now, and throughout this time God gave us no cause to doubt that he treasures us, that he loves us and that he will never leave or forsake us. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I will do my best to answer you.

Dina Markova

Outreach Worker

I was born in Odessa, Ukraine, in 1951, but for the first 17 years of my life I lived in Magadan with my mother. Then we returned to Odessa. I studied music, technology, and clothing design. When the doors of the Soviet Union began to open, I tried to emigrate to Israel, but could not do so because my mother would not give me a written permission for the embassy. So I went back to my study and to my work. I got married but ten years later my husband died. God however blessed me with a wonderful son during that period. I came to know the Lord when my son was very young. I’d been seeking God for some time when I read a tract of Jews for Jesus and gave them my contact information because I wanted to learn more. Soon after that, I took my little son to Kiev for a complicated heart surgery, and in the hospital, the mother of another little patient shared the Gospel with me. When I saw how God spared my son, I returned to Odessa with my heart open to the Lord. When shortly after that a Jews for Jesus missionary called to meet with me, I was fully ready for that and prayed to receive Y’shua in that meeting. In 1993, I began to help Jews for Jesus as a volunteer. In 1995, I joined the ministry and continue to serve with Jews for Jesus now, after my move to Germany.

Igor Shelest

Outreach Worker

Igor Shelest has been an outreach worker with Jews for Jesus since 2010. His wife's name is Katya and they have two small children, daughter Eva and son Nathan. Igor's ministry with us has been quite successful, especially his work on the streets, which includes handing out tracts and receiving people's contact information. The fact is that Igor is a very communicative person; therefore, he is able to receive contact information from a lot of people, both Jewish and Gentile. Igor is currently ministering to our contacts in Berlin.