I praise God for the opportunity he gave me to serve as a missionary with Jews for Jesus. I saw God do so many wonderful works through the ministry, and I was able to participate in many of them. From handing out tracts at the Washington, DC Metro to singing in the subways of New York City, Jesus’ name was lifted high! I had the privilege of praying with many unbelievers, both Jewish and Gentile, to receive the Lord and saw many others show an earnest desire to learn more about God.

Though Jews for Jesus’ purpose statement, We exist to make the messiahship of Jesus an unavoidable issue to our Jewish people worldwide,” had not yet been formulated when I was serving, it was truly being lived out. But probably the most important thing that I can say about my time working with Jews for Jesus is that Jesus became more of an “issue” with me! His faithfulness, his grace, and his love were revealed in my life in such remarkable ways that I had no choice but to trust him like I had never before.

Valerie Cymes