My experience with Jews for Jesus is a very positive experience. I remember so well like it was yesterday. I got to witness the hand of our Lord in a very powerful way when I first started working with Jews for Jesus. God used this imperfect vessel to touch the lives of many people with the Gospel during my season with the ministry. What I learned on the streets, in the classroom and working with my fellow missionaries has carried on with me in pastoring a Messianic fellowship. I consider my time with Jews for Jesus like going through basic training for the ministry. I am very thankful for all the leadership and support I received during my time.

I am especially thankful for how the ministry of Jews for Jesus has ministered to my precious help-mate Judy, and how my children were touched by our Lord. I have come to an awesome conclusion: For me to live is Messiah and to die is gain.

Lord I thank you for this ministry, and may You continue to use Jews for Jesus to touch many lives for Your glory and Namesake. In Jesus name AMEN!