Dear David Brickner, Moishe Rosen, and Staff,

Praise the Lord for all of your faithfulness to Jesus. Thank you for your faithfulness to Jesus. My husband, Bob, and I pray everyday for President David Brickner and the Jews For Jesus missionaries. We pray for God’s anointing and blessings upon David’s leadership and direction for Jews For Jesus. While typing this note I almost typed in Jesus For Jews, and I believe this was the Holy Spirit’s leading.

We have been prayer warriors and financial supporters for Jews For Jesus for many years. God has not let us give up on this wonderful ministry because it is God’s heart.

Thank you David for your wonderful article in the bulletin for September 2003, Forthright Friendship. As long as you are focused on the direct goal of Jews For Jesus, we are with you brother. Thank you for this Clear and Present” opportunity that we have together in witnessing towards and for the Jews. Thank you for your “truthfulness.” Since Jesus says that He is “the way, the truth, and the life and no man or woman can come to God, but by Him,” our obedience to the truth is Jesus. Jesus is truth. Jesus is directive counseling. Thank you for your faithfulness to the truth, Jesus.

On this 30th anniversary of Jews for Jesus, God bless every staff member with you David.

Sally A. Patterson