As a former staff member of Jews for Jesus, I want to take a moment to say how much my life has been enriched because of the time I spent with them.

First of all, I was a gentile, on administrative staff. The missionaries on the Jews for Jesus staff must be a Jewish believer or married to a Jewish believer. I held positions of high responsibility throughout headquarters for eight years. Although I left JFJ over ten years ago, hardly a day goes by that I still don’t hear from someone who is still there. That’s how close-knit my ties still are.

If I had not spent time at Jews for Jesus I would not have the passion for evangelism that I have, not even the insight to see how necessary it is. I have found that most Christians basically live lives without feeling a responsibility to reach out to others with the gospel message. As American Christians we think that the Great Commission was directed only to people who have the gift of evangelism when that is absolutely not the case.

If I had not spent time at Jews for Jesus I would not have a love or understanding of the Jewish aspects of the gospel. My understanding of Passover has enriched my life and faith the most, but there are other minute details of the gospel tellings that I would not have understood. For example, I wouldn’t understand why it was important for John to mention that it was at the time of Hanukkah that the Jewish leaders asked pointedly if he was indeed the Messiah (John 10:22-24).

If I had not spent time at Jews for Jesus I would not have developed professionally. Staff drew out my gifts and talents because they looked for them and saw what others did not.

I’m a woman of modest means, but when I have a little extra money to give, I give it to Jews for Jesus. I know they truly care about reaching out to the lost like no other group I’ve had the privilege to know.

Lois Link