The New Testament and the Gospels in particular make it clear that Jesus of Nazareth fulfilled the prophecies of the Hebrew Bible both as to his person and his activities. Indeed, it is biblical to say that Christianity is Jewish.

It is, therefore, perfectly normal that Jews for Jesus have a heartfelt desire to let all people know that Jesus of Nazareth is Yeshua Ha Mashiach. Jews for Jesus has come together with the other IFMA member mission agencies who believe that Jesus Christ is Savior and Lord, and who are committed to obeying his command to take the gospel to all the world.

The IFMA (Interdenominational Foreign Mission Association of North America, Inc.) founded in 1917, is an association of interdenominational agencies who adhere to the historic, evangelical, orthodox creeds of Christianity. Standards of integrity in finances, in message, in relationships and in moral standards are critical for the over 10,000 missionaries from the IFMA agencies.

Standards are reviewed and reaffirmed annually by each member mission. Conferences, workshops and inter-mission networking enhance cooperation and help avoid duplication and competition between agencies. Personal relationships among staff and executives at the association gatherings build mutual respect, appreciation and cooperation.

Jews for Jesus has been a member of the IFMA since 1984 and has at all times been in full compliance with the standards of the association. Their staff has given workshops to the association and has served on the IFMA official board of directors, having been elected by the membership at the annual meetings.

It is my personal joy to know, admire, and respect the members and leadership of Jews for Jesus. I highly commend their important ministry — to the Jew first. They are welcome members and participants in the IFMA.

John H. Orme, Th.D.
Executive Director, IFMA