Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

We started co-laboring in the Lord’s vineyard at Jews for Jesus in 1980.

Jennelle commuted to 60 Haight Street for eight and one-half years, first serving as secretary to office manager Jeff Fritz, and then as Susan Perlman’s assistant.

As a secretary, Jennelle attended around 20 meetings of the missionary Council and Board of Directors. She watched those men and women pray, plan, and pursue opportunities to bring the gospel to the hearts of Jewish people. She saw the integrity of those imperfect saints as they struggled together to solve problems and direct the course of the ministry.

Jennelle’s commute is much shorter now as she home schools our four youngsters!

John worked for three and a half years as a data-entry guy and human resources sidekick. Now that he is running around to hearings and depositions, he considers his time on administrative staff a part of the good old days.

John really tested the sanctification of one senior staff member at her housewarming. In front of a huge crowd, he was given the privilege of nailing a Wedgewood china mezuzah to the lintel of the door. To the horror of all, he missed the nail and smashed the mezuzah (oy!). The staff-member passed the test with gracious forbearance.

We both experienced the presence and work of the Lord Jesus while we served with staff and leadership. Our short time at Headquarters brought us closer to Him and fueled our desire to see others won to Him.

Few ministries have been so constant in the work of the gospel. May they continue to be so until Messiah returns. To that end, we will continue to pray for and support our friends.

In the Lord,

John and Jennelle Pillitiere