When my husband, Warren Conrad, retired from the pastorate after 44 years, little did I realize how much I was going to love our next assignment, and how much I was going to learn. For a little over 5 years we had the wonderful privilege of working with Jews for Jesus in the capacity of Chaplains to the staff. Being gentiles, with little knowledge of the richness of the Jewish culture, that opportunity proved to be a wonderful eye opener for both of us. Our first introduction to this meaningful culture was to attend the two week training in Chicago given to all volunteers who will be participating in the annual month long witnessing campaign in New York. The campaigns in New York each year were a learning and growing time for all of us and continue to be for all who commit to this ministry. Very quickly these dear, dedicated people wound their way into our hearts.

Part of our duties was to visit each branch in North America, and sit down with each person on staff, one on one, and share our testimonies, victories, hurts, and to pray together. What rich times those were! We were also allowed to attend and participate in many ways at the Ingatherings of Jewish believers sponsored in four regions of the country by Jews for Jesus. Since my area of service in the church had always been with children, I soon was right at home” in the children’s program. Working together, worshipping together, and serving together strengthened our bond.

Getting to know and pray with and watch the interaction first hand of the men and women on the Board of Directors of Jews for Jesus was another tremendous privilege. We were privileged to travel with them to visit two of our overseas branches, South Africa and Israel. These are talented people of strength and commitment to our Messiah, and I am the richer for being able to call them my friends.

Three years ago, God called my husband to Himself, so my ministry with Jews for Jesus has changed. I still do some things on a volunteer basis, and am still in touch with many through email and prayer requests. I have eternal friendships that have been formed with my Jewish brothers and sisters because of having served with Jews for Jesus. What a rich woman I am!

Iva Conrad
JFJ Ministry Chaplain