My wife Chava and I served with Jews for Jesus in San Francisco and Los Angeles during the late 70’s and early 80’s. We worked both in administrative and branch missionary capacities. My fondest memories were as a volunteer in the LA branch. I was a brand new Christian when I first started attending Jews for Jesus Bible studies, traveling in my semi-dilapidated 56′ Chevy from Long Beach to Studio City every Tuesday night. I loved it! Back then most of the people in the branch were college aged Hippie-types. There was a real zeal for Jesus and for reaching Jewish people with the gospel. I grew a lot in my faith during those early years as a Christian. There was much love passed on to me by everyone in the branch. Soon after getting to know the LA staff we began to hand out broadsides and having JFJ Bible studies on my campus. (Cal State Long Beach)

I would like to personally say thank you to Rachmiel Silverman, Steve Wertheim, and Ephraim Goldstein who each had a significant role in God’s work in my new believing heart. Rachmiel’s witness on campus helped lead me to the Lord back in 1976. Steve cared for me as a brother, always being concerned about my needs. And Efraim spent a lot of time with me on campus teaching bible studies.

Chava and I have lived in Waco, TX for about 20 years. We have two children. Chava works at Baylor University and I run a small woodworking business. We have had limited contact with Jews for Jesus through the years, but have kept in touch through the newsletter, attending meetings, and being involved with local follow-up.

God Bless,

David Baker