January 28, 2003

For more than 20 years I have known of and related to the Jews for Jesus organization. I have had their staff speak in my congregation that I pastored, and I have participated with them in various ministry endeavors. In all of my experience with them I have found them to be a solid evangelical Bible based group that seeks to honor the Lord in all they do.

I personally participated in one of their two-week training programs and found their message to be soundly Biblical and their ministry to be highly professional. Their ethical and moral standards were excellent and their vision of bringing the Gospel to our Jewish people is one that I wholeheartedly share.

Over the years I have sent some of our staff people to train with Jews for Jesus and to participate in their witnessing campaigns. Their experience was one of the highlights of their ministry, and they had only good things to say about the Jews for Jesus staff.

Alliance Jewish Ministries will continue to support and work with Jews for Jesus and hopefully many others will do so also.

Abraham Sandler
Christian and Missionary Alliance