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Ron Neumann Mcdevitt, Another Extraordinary CLIM
April 21, 2015

This Jews for Jesus volunteer has an exciting story to tell!

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Reggie Douglas, One of God’s Choice Servants

What brought Reggie Douglas from his home in Baton Rouge to Jews for Jesus witnessing campaigns in cities all over the world? It all started at Community Bible Church in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where Reggie served as chairman of the missions board. “We were dealing...

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Camp Gilgal and Beyond

Take a closer look to our investment in the next generation including a praise report/update about a prayer request from 2014.

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Not according to plans
Author: David Liebman

 Ministry opportunities don’t always come on our schedule… especially when you’re in India!

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Hello Israel

 Celebrating Shavuot in Israel

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Thanks To Our CLIMs!

This is a shout out to our amazing volunteers who help us in so many ways!

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So What? Things to remember about prodigals
Author: Ruth Rosen

Here are some good things to know about how God brings prodigals home.

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Prodigals Do Come Home

If your heart has ever been broken over a young person who wandered away from the faith and is now living as though God does not exist, we hope this encourages you!

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