Why Jesus is More Approachable Than You Think

Here is a top ten list we came up with. What do you think?

  1. Jesus was an outcast
  2. He was homeless
  3. He was Jewish
  4. He got indignant about injustice
  5. He communed with a motley crew
  6. He wasn’t judgmental, but judged fairly
  7. He was misunderstood by his own family
  8. Jesus was born on “the wrong side of the tracks”
  9. He wasn’t one of the “beautiful people”
  10. He healed both physical and spiritual needs

    Jesus was an outcast

    • Jesus knew he would be shunned by the Jewish community of his day far before it occurred. The prophet Isaiah prophesied that the Messiah would be rejected, even leading him to the point of death, which the gospels reveal was Rome’s doing. (Isaiah 53:3)

    He was homeless

    •  Although many might not willingly approach a homeless person, Jesus’ willingness to go without is at the very extreme of “down to earth.” Once Jesus began his ministry, he did not have a place to call home or a bed to call his own. He gave up his heavenly home to be relatable to those he was among. (Luke 9:58)

    He was Jewish

    • While much imagery of Jesus as a light-skinned Anglo-Saxon(a majority person of power) have circulated for centuries, Jesus was very much an Israeli Jew. (Gen 22:17-18; Luke 2:41-42)

    He got indignant about injustice

    • Being fully divine (as well as human) one thing in particular got under Jesus’ skin: the Jewish temple as a place for shopkeepers to make a quick buck. He couldn’t stand to see the improper use of the holy place, and he took action to right it. (Isa 61:8; John 2:13-17)

    He communed with a motley crew

    • Jesus had friends who most rabbis in his day found unusual, to put it lightly. The twelve men who followed him around were mostly fishermen, they ate with usurers and other fringe people. Jesus even asked a Samaritan woman (a people and gender both frowned upon) for a drink of water, engaging her in an intimate conversation. (John 4:7-10; Mark 2:15)

    He wasn’t judgmental, but judged fairly

    • In Isaiah, it is written the promised messiah would have extra-sensory discernment. The book of John records there was a blind man that the Jewish community assumed was atoning for his or his parents’ sins. Jesus clarified that the man was only unable to see so that God’s works would be magnified. (Isa 11:3-4; John 9:1-3)

    He was misunderstood by his own family

    • Jesus’ own people thought he had gone a little batty when the crowds following him were so vast and desperate that none of them would leave to eat. So many were approaching him that those nearest to him were distanced. (Mark 3:21)

    Jesus was born on “the wrong side of the tracks”

    • Jesus was not part of the one percent. He was born in a town the prophet Micah foretold would be small and fairly insignificant. With many nativity scenes recently tucked away for next December, no doubt it is still apparent just how modest an entry Jesus had into the world he created. (Micah 5:2)

    He wasn’t one of the “beautiful people”

    • Not only did Jesus enter into a family without means, it seems they weren’t particularly good-looking, either. Jesus wasn’t overly attractive, but rather common with “no stately form or majesty:” an odd combination for the “king of the Jews.” (Isa 53:2)

    He healed both physical and spiritual needs

      • Jesus’ healing power drew many to him. Some came just to walk again, and were asked to first believe, then were healed. Jesus is still healing today, mending the torn relationship between humans and God though faith in Him. (Malachi 4:2; John 5:5-11)

Will you allow yourself to be approached by Jesus?  Pray and ask him now. 

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