Just because the media spotlight is off of Tim Tebow, doesn’t mean that avid football fans who are interested in God, don’t have a story to tell.

The NFC/AFC championship games are this coming Sunday. And there are several scenarios that could become reality:

  1. There could be a re-match of Super Bowl XLII with the Giants and Patriots.
  2. Or the Patriots could be defeated by a hungry Ravens team.
  3. Or the Giants could be defeated by a very, very good Niners team.
  4. And then we could have a Har-Bowl come February 5th.

I go for option #4.  I like the idea of brothers, who love one another, competing for a trophy.  Besides, I live in San Francisco, and my heart has been with the Forty-Niners for a lot of years.

It’s okay to have favorite teams that we root for.  If you think about it, God sees us, the human race, as his favorite team to root for.  He wants us to get that trophy.  It’s called eternal life.  It’s much more important than the outcome of any sports event.  You see, God touched down on earth two thousand years ago as a man, Y’shua (you know him better as Jesus) to offer us a place in His-story.  I go for that option. It’s the best one.

Susan Perlman