Welcome to Groundhog Day 2015


As Groundhog Day aficionados know, if Punxsutawney Phil leaves his burrow and sees his shadow — we get six more weeks of winter. If he doesn’t see his shadow — spring is around the corner.

It’s a good thing Phil isn’t a human being or we might never know what the weather will be. After all,

Life makes some people afraid of their own shadow.

Some people are even afraid of the radio serial crime fighter, The Shadow (“Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows!”)

A lot of people feel like they are living under a perpetual shadow.

Still others struggle with five o’clock shadow.

Phil just pops out, checks his shadow, and that wraps it up for him.

But people aren’t groundhogs. We sense that whether winter or spring, life brings its own set of challenges, disappointments, fears, and heartbreak.

A poem in the Bible by “an afflicted person,”* says:

My days are like the evening shadow; I wither away like grass.

Life doesn’t have to be like that. Another poem in the Bible tells that God sent Jesus the Messiah “to shine on those living in darkness and in the shadow of death, to guide our feet into the path of peace.”

Punxsutawney Phil’s shadow tells the weather, but ours tell about the pains of life. The good news is that Jesus came to help people, not groundhogs.** Seeing your shadow this February 2? Check out what the Bible says about life, love, and shadows.

Read a piece with a perspective on Groundhog Day based on the classic Bill Murray movie of that name.

* he didn’t leave us any name. maybe he felt too afflicted to care to.

** though Jesus can make us better people that show care to groundhogs and other living creatures


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Rich Robinson | San Francisco

Scholar in Residence, Missionary

Rich Robinson is a veteran missionary and senior researcher at the San Francisco headquarters of Jews for Jesus. Rich has written several books on Jewishness and Jesus, and he received his Ph.D. in biblical studies and hermeneutics from Westminster Theological Seminary in 1993.

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