Book Title: To the Jew First: A Biblical Analysis of the ‘Two-Covenant’ Theory of the Atonement
Author: Joseph P. Gudel
Date Published: July-September 1998
Reviewer: Rich Robinson

The two-covenant theory has circulated for some years among non-evangelicals and even among some conservative Christians. If you’ve ever been told that Jews don’t need Jesus because they “already have a covenant with God,” then you are hearing this theory of salvation, which was developed by Jewish philosopher Franz Rosenzweig early in this century. Gudel, a Lutheran pastor, summarizes the history of the theory and briefly surveys what Jewish and Christian proponents have written. Then he delves into a biblical analysis with an examination of passages such as Romans 1:16, 2:9, and Acts 13:46. He traces the missionary core of Christianity through Jesus, the apostles, and Paul. Gudel then suggests provocatively that promotion of the two-covenant theory is anti-Semitic. This article is lively and well-written, especially helpful if you’ve not heard of the two-covenant theory before now. If you can’t find the journal it appeared in, it’s available as a free PDF download from The Apple of His Eye Mission Society.