Last year the USPS had a $16 billion deficit. This suspension of Saturday service would save them $2 billion—a sizable amount, but not enough. The USPS pays $5.5 billion in health benefits, and overpaid $11 billion to its pension fund. Coupled with a 37 percent decrease in first class mail use, it seems like our United States system is headed for dead letter heaven.

So what’s the real issue? It seems the USPS pays more in health benefits than any other governmental sector and overfunds its employees in other ways. So maybe Saturday service costs are not the core problem. Plenty of private mail carriers are still working a six or seven day week and turning a profit. If they had as big a deficit as the USPS, it would mean certain bankruptcy. Could it be that mismanaged funds and having the government available to bail you out is a recipe for disaster?

HandwrittenAnd this writer doesn’t have any illusions that she can provide the solution, at least to the USPS issue.  But this parallels a spiritual situation that does have a solution. We all have personal deficits that need fixing; we’ve all thought at some point we deserve more than we’ve been given. A Jewish writer once said, “All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23). In a sense, to owe and mismanage is human. The larger and more powerful the entity, the more likely it is to err. Thankfully, God sent his son to break this downward spiral and right our records with him. Thankfully God works on our behalf every day of the week, Saturdays included.

We want to urge you to take the message privately to God who will hear it. Let yourself be straightened out by the Creator of the creator of the USPS.

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