Book Title: The Voice of the Lord
Author: David J. Rudolph
Date Published: June 1, 1998
Publisher: Messianic Jewish Publisher
Genre: 1. Messianic Judaism
2. Prayerbooks
3. Other Religions, Practices & Sacred Texts
ISBN: 978-1880226704
Reviewer: Janie-sue Wertheim
Review Date: March 1, 1999

The Voice of the Lord Messianic Jewish Daily Devotional endeavors to provide Jewish believers with a devotional guide within their own culturally relevant frame of reference. Most devotionals ignore the Jewish roots of our faith in Yeshua— or simply gloss over them. This book weaves together commitment to our Jewish Messiah with the calendar and holidays, in a way that is very helpful—regardless of whether one attends a messianic congregation or a mainline church. Twenty-two messianic leaders have contributed to this volume. Some have close to twenty entries, and others only a scant half dozen, which gives the book’s “voice” a somewhat uneven timbre.

There are some unique aspects to this devotional. The book follows the Jewish calendar, and starts the reading cycle not with January first, but with the first of Tishri, the Jewish New Year. Within the margins on each page, the corresponding Gregorian calendar dates through the year 2003 have been included. Any Biblical holiday or traditional Jewish holiday that falls on that date is noted. The top of the page has a scripture reference that goes along with the devotional and there are places given in the margin to note a prayer focus for that day. Several helpful appendices have been added. One deals with Biblical festivals, another with traditional Jewish observances, and the third includes the reading cycle observed in the Synagogue, so that the reader can follow along through.

My one real complaint with this devotional is that only one of the twenty-two contributors was a woman—and she only had about seven entries! I wish that the editor had chosen to be more inclusive and diverse, for it would have enriched this volume. Certainly there are many women in the messianic movement who could have added some thoughtful and encouraging entries, and I’d love to see them included in a subsequent volume. Overall, this devotional is a good addition to one’s messianic library. It provides a systematic way for Jewish believers to stay “plugged in” with God and in prayer for the Jewish people.