The world defines peace as the absence of hostilities, but God defines peace as much more. Shalom, the Hebrew word for peace is as old as the Bible. Bible shalom means prosperity, health and wholeness; but most of all, shalom means completeness. That includes love and harmonious living as well as tranquility.

We don’t see much of that kind of peace anywhere between nations or even among individuals.

There is an old Yiddish saying that goes,

“If God lived on the earth, people would break out His windows.”

Maybe fighting is just part of who we are. Maybe that is why things are the way they are. Maybe it is futile to hope for peace. Unless God’s promises are real. Because you know, God does have a lot to say about peace. The Messiah was supposed to bring it. He was even called the Prince of Peace. (Isaiah 9:6)


The Messiah came to us as an infant. That was God’s way of identifying with humanity. He was born in Bethlehem (Micah 5:1, 2), but that was not the place of peace. Years later, He presented Himself to His people in the city of Jerusalem. Jeru – Salem means “city of peace” or “peace flows.” One day, world peace will flow from Jerusalem. It will be a supernatural peace that will only happen when God’s Messiah is received at Jerusalem.

Jerusalem today is far from peaceful. Embattled with claims and counter-claims, the city is populated by frightened people and pulled from every direction by religious fanatics. Terrorism is never far away, but then neither is the Messiah. He is giving peace, even today to those who choose Him.


God chose the Jewish people to be His emissaries, to bring the message of His peace to the world. Yet sometimes that chosen-ness has been more of a burden to Jews than a blessing to the world. Willingly or not, every living Jew is evidence that the God of the Bible exists and that He keeps His promises. The survival of the Jewish people in spite of Pharaohs, Hamans and Hitlers in every generation should demonstrate that God’s hand is upon them. He has preserved the Jewish people for reasons of His own.

If you want to know God’s reasons, you must read the book He has given through the Jewish people, the Bible. That book, consisting of what is commonly called the Old Testament and the New Testament, was written mostly by Jews.


The Bible tells of the Peace Bringer, the Messiah. It announces that the Messiah has already come, and His name is Yeshua, the Jewish way to say “Jesus.” Yeshua is what His mother Miriam called Him. Yeshua means “God saves” or “God is Savior.” (Matthew 1:21) He is also called the Prince of Peace because He brings peace to all who put their trust and faith in Him. It is a peace that passes all understanding because it supplies peace with our Creator amid the swirling storms of life.


No human is at peace with God naturally. From the moment of birth, “self” rules our desires and our actions. We want what we want, rather than what God wants. In a sense, that makes us enemies of God. There is continual warfare raging within us. We fight the baser instincts in ourselves (some call this fight morality, some call it conscience). Yet at the same time, we find ourselves fighting God because we don’t like someone else telling us what to do, even if that Someone created us and cares to see us live up to our best potential. Some call that independence but God calls it pride.

Few realize that when we choose to go our own way, we take a proud stand against God. That choice results in an attitude called by an ugly name: “sin.” Let’s face it. Every one of us is a sinner if measured by God’s standards. Yet God chose to offer us a way to be saved from sin through the person of Yeshua. The way God chose to accomplish reconciliation is foretold by the prophet Isaiah. He prophesied that the Promised One would come to suffer and die for the sins of His people. (Isaiah 52:13-53:12) Furthermore, He would be raised from the dead.

That’s good news!

Peace on earth is more than just wishful thinking because God made a way for us to stop being His enemies. We can have peace here and now as well as the assurance of a place with Him in heaven.

And there’s more! Yeshua is about to return and bring everlasting peace to the world. There’s only one requirement. In order to receive it, we must believe it.

But Jews don’t believe in Jesus, do they? Some Jews do. In the beginning, everyone who was for the Messiah Yeshua was Jewish. Even so, today there are Jewish believers. The number of Jews who believe in Yeshua is a minority, but Gentile believers are also a minority of the total world population. So, since when is truth determined by majority vote?

The Jews (and Gentiles) who did and do believe are convinced by the Jewish prophets that Yeshua is the promised Messiah who came to blot out sin and enable all to have peace with God.

As incredible as it seems, thousands of Jewish people are discovering that Yeshua is indeed God’s way of bringing peace to each person and eventually the whole world. If you are seeking God’s peace this Christmas season, know that the One born in a manger is God’s way.

Many of us Jews who have come to believe in Jesus would love to tell you of our experience. We want to help you find the peace of God (Romans 5:1) and help you become part of His worldwide peace movement.

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