Arthur J. Magida. Moment [June 1998], pp. 52-57+.
Forum: Aish HaTorah and the Bible Codes”
[Letters to the editor]. Moment [October 1998], pp.20+.

Magida swashbuckles his way “60 Minutes” style through this portrait of the Orthodox Jewish organization Aish HaTorah. He documents the Discovery Seminars, and describes in detail what a typical seminar is like, which is characterized as “slick, smooth, seamless, humorous, lending a very modern gloss to a very ancient tradition.…”

Of great interest in the seminar content are the so-called Bible codes, and Magida lets us hear from the devotees and the doubters alike. The letters to the editor on Magida’s article continue the debate but the replies weight the discussion in favor of the skeptics.

This Moment magazine article and the responses to it are must reading for anyone interested in getting current Jewish thinking on the Bible Code movement.