This year I was invited to attend the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington D.C. Praying with the president of the United States sounded like a unique opportunity, so I went.

It wasn’t exactly an intimate time of intercession. 4000 people were squeezed into a banquet room in tables of eight to ten. Some sipped coffee and nibbled croissants and cold fruit. Small bowls enabled each person to take a little bit of cereal. Navy blue and white programs listed the names of each speaker. Everything had been pre-set because the room was too tightly configured—the tables far too close to each other—for wait staff to move in and out to serve an actual breakfast. One speaker jokingly observed that the National Prayer Breakfast was not known so much for the breakfast as it was for the prayer. For reasons of security and the dignity of his office, President and Mrs. Bush and the select few with them were a bit removed at a dais that permitted people to serve them. I doubt that their fare was any different from the rest of us.

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