In case The DaVinci Code wasn’t enough for you, the Discovery Channel’s Lost Tomb of Jesus aired March 4. (A related web site is here.)

Produced by James Cameron of Titanic movie fame and Israeli filmmaker Simcha Jacobovici, it concerns a discovery of a tomb containing ossuaries (ancient boxes that contained bones of deceased people) with personal names inscribed upon the boxes. The sensationalistic publicity would have you believe that there is a good chance that the bones of Jesus and his family were found. As somebody is supposed to have once remarked, if Jesus’ family were alive today, they’d be turning over in their graves.

Actually, the tomb containing the ossuaries was discovered way back in 1980, so it’s hardly a new discovery. And there is precious little evidence that the folks whose bones these belonged to were related in any way to Jesus of Nazareth. For a good response from someone who’s worked with Jacobovici, visit Ben Witherington’s blog. Concludes Witherington’s : “So my response to this is clear – James Cameron, the producer of the movie Titanic, has now jumped on board another sinking ship full of holes, presumably in order to make a lot of money before the theory sinks into an early watery grave. Man the lifeboats and get out now.”