Book Title: Moses on the Witness Stand
Author: Solomon Ostrovsky
Date Published: 1991
Reviewer: Scott Rubin
Review Date: March 1, 1995

Alongside daily devotionals (which provide a Scripture text, an illustration, and a thought to take with you for the day) and compilations of complete sermons on currently relevant topics, there exists a place for other types of spiritual material. Religious radio programming is one such type, capable of offering intellectually stimulating, theologically challenging and spiritually encouraging fare with short broadcasts from respected scholars and leaders. Moses on the Witness Stand is based upon radio broadcasts made by Solomon Ostrovsky, a Messianic Jew.

Ostrovsky’s father, his eldest sister, his eight-year-old niece, and 49 others in his town were brutally murdered in a pogrom in Ukraine. He himself managed to escape and move to Israel prior to Independence and now resides in Toronto, Canada.

Ostrovsky was given ten to twelve minutes each week by Radio Monte Carlo to present a program on the weekly sedra (portion of the Torah). These comments were then broadcast to Israel weekly during the course of the year. His intent in this compilation was to show how the weekly sedra clearly points to the Coming One, the Messiah of Israel, the Son of God, Yeshua.

Readers of this written version will be challenged to see how the Torah and Prophets clearly speak of this One. Believers will be strengthened in their faith and given apologetic material for witnessing. There is much to be gained from careful meditation on the broadcasts set down in this volume.