Meshugge or Messiah?

You know what meshugge means, right? It’s Yiddish for crazy, loony, nuts, weird.

But do you know the meaning of Messiah? (pick one)

A. A way of stalling indefinitely

B. The beginning of an apology…

C. Music that sounds a little like a classical rendition of “Yes, We Have No Bananas.”

D. The anointed one of God whom the Hebrew prophets predicted would bring salvation to the Jewish people and also to the goyim (nations).

(If you answered “anointed one,” you’re right!)

Unfortunately down through history, many people have falsely claimed to be the Messiah:

(it’s not too difficult to dismiss the imposters as meshugge.)

But nearly 2000 years ago thousands of Jewish people were convinced that Yeshua, Jesus, was the Messiah!

And today there are still plenty of Jews and Gentiles who believe he is the anointed one. Yeshua was not (and is not) easily dismissed.

True, some of the rabbis of his day thought he and his followers were meshugge.

Nowadays, most rabbis see Jesus as a wise, loving and wonderful teacher….

…though, most will quickly add, not the Messiah.

But what did Jesus say about himself?

In response to one woman’s question about the Messiah, Jesus declared,

“I who speak to you am he.” (John 4:25-26)

Jesus even claimed—in the middle of the synagogue, no less—to be the anointed one predicted in the sixty-first chapter of Isaiah.

According to his own claims, Jesus was either the Messiah…or he was meshugge!

And if he really is the Messiah, wouldn’t it be meshugge to ignore him?

How can you know if Yeshua is Messiah or meshugge? Don’t be misled by a mishmash of misquotes and misconceptions…

…read and decide for yourself if Yeshua measures up to the message of the Hebrew prophets.

Maybe this page is mishegoss (stuff generated by a meshugge) but…

Wouldn’t you want to know if it’s not?