What’s your favorite book (besides the Bible)?

Try googling the author, and include the word “rejection.” You might be surprised to find the book was rejected multiple times before someone decided it was worth publishing.

C.S. Lewis allegedly received 800+ rejection letters before a single one of his books was published.

Imagine what the world would be like if authors could not handle rejection. We’d be missing out on most of the greatest stories ever! The same goes for the gospel story. Sure it’s been “published” and sold in bookstores forever, but the real publishing comes when we share it with friends. And that can be really hard, because a lot of people are going to reject the gospel when we offer it.

It’s easy to be discouraged when people reject what we value. But if writers can handle hundreds of rejections because they believe their stories are worthwhile, how much rejection should we be able to handle to find that person who is waiting to hear God’s story? Be encouraged! My dad used to say, “Every rejection you face from someone who doesn’t want to hear about Jesus brings you that much closer to someone who does.”

Ruth Rosen
Staff writer for Jews for Jesus