Jews for Jesus conducted our Los Angeles New Years outreach from Dec 31 – Jan 2. During that time we distributed 45,775 broadsides and received the names of seventeen people interested in more information including three Jewish inquirers.  Over the course of three days we were joined by 54 volunteers. God really watched over us, as we had a good repoire with the police, no injuries, problems, or incidents.

Matt Friedman, our youth worker, brought along seven teenagers who came to town for a Jews for Jesus winter break weekend. Many of these had never gone out to share their faith before. In addition three pastors drove in from out of town bringing with them eager volunteers, some of whom had never been on a short term mission project.

Since Christmas Day, Colorado blvd in Pasadena was hopping with activity while city workers built bleachers and volunteers from across the Southland decorated exotic floats. Roseparade floats must meet tournament specifications that stipulate how roses must be glued to the float covering every square inch of surface. We took trainees out on December 31st to Colorado Blvd to distribute tracts to the crowds who came to build the floats, or watch those the volunteers. Then at 5AM on January 1st Jews for Jesus staff and volunteers deployed along the five mile stretch of Colorado Blvd to begin greeting spectators and distributing tracts. After the parade passed, one team traveled to the Pasadena Rosebowl where USC and Illinois fans were already arriving. Our other team went to Victory park where thousands of spectators flocked to see the floats up close.

Altogether we had the opportunity to speak face-to-face with hundreds of visitors from across the United States, some open, some closed, and some who had never heard that a Jewish person can believe in Jesus and still be Jewish.

Cyril, our outreach coordinator reported:

“Michele, a Jewish inquirer was very excited to see us at the post-parade Float Viewing. She’s been attracted to the person of Jesus but felt that faith in Jesus was completely foreign to her Jewish upbringing. Believing in Jesus just was not an option. Five of us were distributing tracts near the entrance to the park. She came directly to me because she said I “looked the most Jewish”. Her Christian-Gentile friend had shared the gospel with her and took her to church, the cultural differences between them were too radical. Michele was very excited to meet a Jew For Jesus. Since Michele lives in the San Fernando Valley not far from Holly Meyer, the two will be getting together.

For more information or news on how  you can join Jews for Jesus for future outreaches, contact Stan Meyer or call 310-443-9553.