Jews for Jesus Honors the Memory of Chuck Colson

Chuck Colson (1931-2012)

Chuck Colson was a great man of God. He knew that if the Son sets you free, you’ll be free indeed! He knew what it meant to be imprisoned for a crime against society, but he also came to understand that even if he’d never committed a crime, he would still be imprisoned by the human failings that prevent us all from coming into the presence of a holy God.

He also knew what it meant to repent and receive the forgiveness that comes, not only with paying a debt to society, but through the grace of God, through faith in Jesus. And he wanted others to know that same grace and forgiveness.

Chuck Colson’s courage and commitment to making the message of freedom in Yeshua (Jesus) known to all motivated him to sign the historic document, “The Gospel and the Jewish People — an Evangelical Statement“. By adding his name to this statement he risked criticism from some of his Jewish friends, yet he knew how important it was to take a stand for the gospel. Chuck Colson believed deeply that that all of us, Jews and Gentiles, need the freedom God offers through the Messiah Jesus. And now Chuck Colson is experiencing that freedom, fully and forever, in the presence of the God He loved and served. 

Years ago Chuck Colson gave us permission to reprint his story entitled “A Russian Doctor” from his book Loving God.  It was sent to all of our Issues readers and is available online.


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