Fifty Shades of… the Bible?

Which is the best-selling book in Norway?

  1. Fifty Shades of Grey
  2. The Bible
  3. Justin Bieber’s autobiography
  4. The Joys of Yiddish

Only recently, if you had guessed 1) or 3), you would have been correct. But another book has become Norway’s number-one best seller. The Bible has overtaken both Bieber and Christian Grey.

This is surprising because the country is known for its secular culture and politics. Only one percent of its population attends church.

There are probably many reasons for this turnaround. The Bible is an exceptional book—in fact, the best-selling book of all time. Why?

The Bible contains many ancient prophecies and accounts of their fulfillment. Hundreds of prophecies and their realizations have been counted in the pages of the Bible. And, unlike Nostradamus, they are always right on target. The Bible also has age-old practical wisdom on tackling life.

SPOILER ALERT: The next few paragraphs discuss the central figure of the New Testament. If you’ve never read the Bible before, this brief summary will give away the most climactic event in human history.

The subject of many Bible prophecies is Y’shua (Jesus). The Hebrew Scriptures foretold his birth, Jewish lineage, actions and death hundreds of years before their occurrence. The Messiah would be the incarnation of God and would save people from their sins, providing them with new life. When Jesus came on the scene centuries later, he claimed to be the Messiah and was executed for that claim. Three days after his death, eyewitnesses spread the news that he had returned to life.

If you are a reader, why not read what the Norwegians have now made their top-selling volume?

The Bible (both the Old and New Testament) is available to download for free.


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