Christmas Is a Jewish Holiday (or at least it should be)

If Christmas isn’t exactly a Jewish holiday — then it ought to be
Jews should be able to join in with others in celebrating the birth of the greatest Jew that ever lived
maybe some of us Jews aren’t able to celebrate because we see Christmas as a Jesus holiday and we haven’t yet discovered that Jesus isn’t prejudiced against us
others might be turned away by mistletoe, Macy’s merchandising, or middle class merriment
maybe we could manage to feel like celebrating if Santa Claus wasn’t crowding Jesus off the scene
after all, remember whose birthday it’s supposed to be
some say: “Santa Claus is a capitalist agent who promotes the idea that happiness comes through things.” He is certainly a salesman more than a saint
others say: “Santa is a communist agent because he dresses in red and only gives away things bought by other people”
Santa is no friend of truth. Have you ever noticed how scrupulously he avoids every mention of Jesus?
even if he has a beard Santa is not Jewish and such a nogoodnik should have no part in our celebration of Christmas as a Jewish holiday
all we need for Christmas or any joyous celebration is Jesus
some of us Jews join with the rest of the world to honor him — he is the world’s oldest living Jew — since he is still alive
some of us Jews enjoy the idea that people from every race sing praise to the God of Israel because of Jesus
they read the Jewish Bible and honor our ancestors. People like Abraham, Moses, David, and Daniel are heroes because of Jesus
(some people even love one another and are good to their neighbors because of Jesus)
all of Jesus’ apostles spoke with a Jewish accent
all of the writers of the New Testament are Jews
all of the teachings of Jesus like love, peace, caring, sharing, joyful worship and belonging to God’s family are Jewish ideas and ideals
giving presents is a very Jewish thing to do
in fact God gave His people the very best Christmas present, His very own Son (see Isaiah 9:6 and Psalm 2)
what could be better or nicer than to give one’s true self as a present to those one loves?
that’s what God did in Jesus
He gave Himself so that you might have real joy
though we don’t know exactly what day He was born, December 25th is as nice as any day and every day to celebrate his birth
if you knew what we know — that Jesus is really the Messiah — then you would agree that Christmas should be a Jewish holiday
May God give you much joy!

— by Moishe Rosen