Book Title: Strategies for Today’s Leader
Author: David Brickner
Reviewer: Paul Liberman
Review Date: Sep 1, 1998

David Brickner’s article Becoming a Reproach in the Land of Israel” resonated with truth. As part of the Body of the Messiah living in the Land, some of it was difficult to hear. Yet, its clarity was arresting.

Yes, Israel is still in rejection of the Messiah. This is in part because of a false image of Him that medieval Christianity put forth. However, the Scriptures do not allow believers to self-excuse based on the mistakes of others.

On one particular point, the article cites the figure of 3,200 people in Israel who receive overseas funding for missionary work. I do not know what percentage of the Body here received outside support. However, there seems to be agreement that the percentage of those employed in the mainstream economy is increasing.

Israeli believers are reluctant to hear criticism from outside the Land. Adverse foreign comments are frequently dismissed because “they haven’t paid the price.” Sometimes though, we may not be able to see the forest through the trees.

Brickner’s article faced me with the question of how many of my neighbors and business contacts know of my faith. I must admit to having accepted being set “outside the camp.” but have not fully embraced the “bearing of His reproach.” So overall, I would say, “Thanks David, I needed that.”