A Messianic Tribute for National Poetry Month 2013

Please enjoy a special post for National Poetry Month!

What’s It To Me?

By Susan Perlman

So enough already, I don’t want to hear. They say you’ve got answers, well, I just don’t care.
You talk about love, forgiveness and faith but what have you done to stop all the hate?
What of the sorrow, the pain all around? What have you done to make laughter sound?
What about fighting and wars in your name? Is this what you brought, is this why you came?
You haven’t caused change, so why should I pray? You’re not for me, I’ll go my own way.
I’ll find my own answers to suffering and strife, The meaning of death, the value of life.
The rabbis reject you, so why shouldn’t I? What’s it to me if you lived or died?
“They will look on me, the one they have pierced, and mourn for him as one mourns for an only child, and grieve bitterly for him as one grieves for a firstborn son.” (Zechariah 12:10.)



By Carolyn Rohrig

Buddhist temple
no one here
but the flies


Walking Faith

By Iris Adler

Faith is rather a rough concept
When it strains to trickle in your ear
And all that’s needed’s to climb quickly
the hill.
To pop
Your ears
And faith will trickle in,
And will exclude all half-baked foolery:
and there’s a lot.

But with right tools you’ll find
Few fools have faith sans reason.
They only first must choose to 
Loosen up, skim stones across 
The sea messiah walked
As if were sand, not waves



By Sheldon Scher

I can choose—
To be relaxed, dormant in thought and deed;
To accept only that which is laid on me:
Like a stone that receives no input, transmits no output
And makes no choice as to the moss on its surface,
I can choose to be oblivious to my environment.

I can choose—
To accept bidding and direction from any dominating force,
And like a piece of driftwood drawn and led by currents and tides,
I can choose not to choose,
But to co-exist with the results of my indecision.

I can choose—
A direction of compassion and loyalty;
To reach for teachings within the scope of my chosen way;
Teachings, however sincere, limited by individual intellect and interpretation.
I can try to adapt to these teachings of man and to learn
From all I choose to read, listen to, and look at.

I can choose—
To be alert, ever seeking new avenues of learning;
Neither to ignore, nor be limited by inherent motivations:
But just as an advancing stream
Absorbs fruition and disperses enriched deposits
In each of the rivulets it forms and explores,
So I can choose to reach beyond the extent of my immediate scope—
To my roots—toward the very heights—to learn and to teach.

I can choose—
To live reflecting the FACETS of my MAKER;
I can choose;
I am chosen; 
I am a Jew.


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