One thing I know for certain this holiday season.
I will sin. Like crazy.
I always do.

Reason #1. Worry

It begins with Thanksgiving.
Will the family like my cooking?
Will there be enough food?
Will it be better than my mother’s?

Reason #2. Self pity

I’ll be steaming mad when nobody volunteers to help with the dishes, or walk the dog when he paces the kitchen floor needing to go out.

Reason #3. Impatience

Black Friday, that infamous day after Thanksgiving. That’s when I completely lose it.
I’ll curse the woman who skids into the parking space before me. What chutzpah!
I’ll spend more than I should on Hanukkah gifts so I look good with the family. That’s a double dose of sins. Pride times two.

Reason #4. Indulgence

Don’t even mention the holiday invitations, the office parties, and the neighborhood events. They are ripe with opportunities to go to the head of the sinners’ line.

These are real sins and I need to guard against them.

Except I don’t.
I fail every year.
If the stress doesn’t get me, the guilt will.
“What are the holidays without guilt?” my mother says.
Except I know better.

I don’t have to live with this stress because God promises to forgive me for holiday sins (and every other time of the year, too).

When I admit them, God is quick to forgive me because of Y’shua (Jesus).
That’s because Jesus paid the price on the cross for every one of them.

“Let it be known to you therefore, brothers, that through this man [Jesus] forgiveness of sins is proclaimed to you…” Acts 13:38 ESV

The Gospel speaks this comfort to everyone who wants forgiveness, and seeks it in Y’shua.
So I’m planning to surprise my family this season by being happy.
No matter what.
Even if the turkey is burnt, the tower of dirty dishes is sitting in the sink, and the dog pees on the carpet.
I’m forgiven.
God loves me.
And with His help, I might not curse under my breath.

How do you cope with the stress of the holidays?
Leave me a comment. I’d love to hear from you.


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