You might be surprised to learn that as Jewish believers in Jesus, many of us consciously choose to fast each Yom Kippur even though we believe our sins are already covered—and not just covered for the year, but for eternity. Our prayers are along the lines of 2 Chronicles 6:21 where Solomon, at the Temple’s dedication, says, "Listen to the supplications of Your servant and of Your people Israel when they pray toward this place; hear from Your dwelling place, from heaven; hear and forgive." We’re thankful to have the freedom to celebrate our Jewish heritage and tradition in the light of fulfilled prophecy and forgiveness in Messiah. Even if you don’t yet share our perspective, we thought you might be curious to know how and what we’re praying on this day of introspection.

  1. God, you are powerful and holy. Thank you for bringing us to this season and upholding us.
  2. God, we thank you for being our father and our king.
  3. God, we praise you for your goodness toward us in providing a way of forgiveness and way to know you in a personal way.
  4. God, thank you for being our Creator and choosing us to be among your chosen people.
  5. God, thank you for giving us Scripture.
  6. God, we confess the wrong actions and thoughts that we’ve committed and had against you and against others. Thank you for sending Yeshua Messiah in our place so we can have assurance of forgiveness.
  7. God, thank you for creating an eternal, complete system in place of the Temple which you provided in Solomon’s time.
  8. God, please be working in the hearts of friends and family who don’t yet know or accept you, that they would understand the plan of salvation that you’ve made for us all.
  9. God, please be guiding our local and national and international governing bodies in the coming year. Thank you for being the authority above all authorities.
  10. God, we believe that you are working all things together for your glory. Help us to better trust you this year in all areas of our lives.